I have been Buying, Selling, Brokering Cars since the early 1980's I have partnered with people as well as helping them with marketing their vehicles as well as teaching them how they can make money with cars. See below to see what they have to say..

Deal Parter

Jim Dodd - Issaqua, WA 

I have been a part of doing cars deals with RJ's Cashing in on Used Cars system since 1985. RJ's system has allowed me to make money on dozens of cars.

Marketing Member 

Brad Coalter, Orlando, FL

I have known Webb since the 1980's. I have introduced people to RJ that he has helped them with selling their vehicle as well as people that have bought cars from him. 

Deal Partner

Kerry Hodge - Memphis, TN

Have been doing car & motorcycle deals with RJ since the late 1980's. I have made money on dozens of deals.

Deal Partner

Jerry Brewster - Monroe, LA

I have done allot of car deals over the years with RJ. We have worked together to sell vehicles all over the country.

Deal Partner

Jim Harris - Blytheville, AR

I have been doing cars deals with Webb since the 1980's and have made allot of money over the years.


Production Partner

Brian  Gist - Benton, AR

As a production partner with Webb's operation I made sure vehicles were ready for new owner as well as doing some deals with him as well ! ! !

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